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Sylvia Vorwagner

The Activation of Mental Images

Sylvia Vorwagner is a self-taught artist. Through workshops and studies with both Arnulf Rainer and Jurgen Messensee, she has added depth and subtle refinement to her abstract work. Most recently, she has discovered collage as the ideal media for her artistic expression. The origin of collage, primarily driven by the cubist form analysis of Braque and Picasso, sought to expand the boundaries of abstract imagination. Vorwagner returns collage to referenced objectivity.

By doing so, she energizes her multifaceted techniques, which has only occasionally been duplicated in surrealism and pop art. Vorwagner combines figurative motifs, human or animal, with newspaper clippings and other various materials into strongly expressive pieces. By following her expressive brushstrokes, one immediately senses her spontaneous and powerful voice.

Most often, she gives form to very specific emotions and feelings – to be shy, happy, introspective, thoughtful, challenging, and many others. She expresses them superbly, sometimes with humor and sophistication, other times with vehemence or even minimalist sensitivity. The artist, who is from Upper Austria, activates mental images we all carry within ourselves. She sees her art as a call to “stand by our feelings and find the courage to choose our own path”.

This positive attitude towards life is evident in her collages, making them stimulating and attractive. With her 2010 Bull Series, Vorwagner has been successful in visually illuminating our everyday emotions – dynamically, expressively and full of energy.
(text by Dr. Gabriela Nagler, translation by Zednik & Zednik)

2006 - 2008: Art Academy Weihergut, Kärnten
2009: Summeracademy Prof. Arnulf Rainer, Traunkirchen
2010: Summeracademy Jürgen Messensee, Traunkirchen